always a happy ending


  • Schlondak (18/08/2008)
    That was hilariously messed up. I love it.
  • dogstrangler (18/08/2008)
    What a scream . Kept guessing to the end. Looked like a tour thru Abu Grahib prison or maybe a terrorist training camp ! It deserves a series and maybe Abdul could be introduced to Phillip for a really good day out .
  • spam (18/08/2008)
    Yep what a great ad. I am sold. It was funny and captivating. My friend Pat got all hot and nude and demanded to know where he could get simmilar discipline, for he has been an naughty boy. Well we all have really. Come on big boy leave a mark.
  • Daniel (20/08/2008)
    Yes yes yes. A bit more piss and I'm in.
  • Franko (08/09/2008)
    Gee, going to the chiropracter has changed somewhat... they've really improved the music. Thanks for another hard hitting documentary.