ahhhh, to have flowers that bloom with rice


  • Martin Smith (04/08/2008)
    When will the new episode of Gefiltefish be ready? You've been working on it a long time. You _are_ working on it. Aren't you?
  • dogstrangler (04/08/2008)
    AAAAHHHHHH the romantics have reared their ugly heads again . Careful you dont cream your pants ! What are their names , this magical couple ? Surely not Uncle Jacob and Zosia ? Bring on the blue boxes . Up the ruling classes !
  • Franko (04/08/2008)
    Ballet, samba, accordian and an ode to Dean Martin. Mr Pipik lends his "Yes!". The spacing of the spaces were as eloquent and rhythmic as a cat regurgitating. Bounissima! A telecommunications company will pick this up in a snap.
  • auntyrae (04/08/2008)
    yes mr smith, gefiltefish is coming...
  • Schlondak (06/08/2008)
    Nothing screams love like wireframe body builders.
  • simonlangfordely (11/08/2008)
    when is new stinky chicken coming?
  • Daniel (20/08/2008)
    Nice tits love