new york is reborn


  • Martin Smith (23/11/2008)
    I even got here before Sheldon sent the message that it was ready. Look up efficiency in the dictionary; my picture is there.
  • Schlondak (24/11/2008)
    Two straight weeks of FUCKING NONSENSE. I love it.
  • dogstrangler (24/11/2008)
    The shakin shacka does it again . Is he related to Obama ? Nice flavours and bring on more pastrami on rye with pickles ! I would like to see more Mr Twister adventures please !!!
  • Franko (01/12/2008)
    This one appears to further support the creationist myth agenda so prevelent here at Fest since week 23. It's a blatant attempt to crack the US market (but that's crumbling on its own). Instead of trying to crack US, Fest should do battle with Wii. Because wii Know it's US versus Them, who weren't such a bad 60's band. Now we all know that we're just living in a thought that was formed in an imagination that was really a neural short circuit in the non-existent brain of a mythical and slightly anthropomorphic god head.