Global Warming

The very first episode of fest! Meet Mr Pipik. It's all about global warming buk buk boo.


  • ifunk (13/11/2007)
    this film has several qualities, but i am disgusted by the way it makes fun of our world's doom! Who votes 5 on this shit? come on people! get serious! SERIOUS!
  • auntyrae (19/11/2007)
  • freelens (19/11/2007)
    Is this working? Just wanted to say hi!
  • Franko (19/11/2007)
    "much love and lemmings"? When do I get the lemmings?... As an animation student, in grade 1 in Brisbane, I think this animation is brilliant. But what do I know? I like it. The vocal gymnastics are a highlight. Mr.Pipik pours water on 'Mr. Serious'-ifunk ( Well he would, if we didn't have level 545454543487874 water restrictions). And that makes a refreshing change from a world of fear & doomsayers.
  • macro (19/11/2007)
    I love Mr Pipik, I think he should run for a seat in the Australian Government. He makes more sense than just about anything else I've heard in the past year. Ya! Mr Pipik
  • dogstrangler (19/11/2007)
    that midnight oil creep should be made to watch PIPIK a thousand times with his genitals soaking in a bucket of bull ant infested bush honey . VOTE PIPIK !!!!
  • Chucky (19/11/2007)
    He's Al Gore's worst nightmare.
  • cas (19/11/2007)
    Don't we all love Spring & Summer, and hate winter - so then what about summer all year round - isn't that a good thing!! PIPIK sings and dances as the baldy headed badger who's just interested in getting into parliment. So when does PIPIK get onto the Senate ticket - VOTE 1 PIPIK!! Water restrictions what are they - Come and live in Far North Queensland - we are the new Middle East we have all the water and we might sell it to you if you are interested!!
  • anthony lieberman (19/11/2007)
    Mum! Morris is hitting me!
  • laceyi (20/11/2007)
    Why is this site playing Liberal Party election propaganga!?!?!?
  • Daniel (20/11/2007)
    How do you explain all the ladyboys then?
  • bellini (05/12/2007)
    I'm surprised by all the extreme comments, i instantly thought this animation was a parody of global warming sceptics. Just by taking note of the characters appearance, goofy and slightly crazy - as highlighted through the use of the erratic pupil - and also of the characters own lyrics - the character admits he is un-informed therefore ignorant and uses silly examples like, we wont stop talking about it if we believe in it - it exemplifies certain attitudes that choose to not believe in something because then they'll have no choice but to do something about it. My take on this video was that it is a message on 'head in the sand' belief structures.
  • Franko (18/12/2007) Mr. Pipik is needed over at climate cartoons dot org where they are saving the world.
  • Schlondak (29/12/2007)
    I seriously can't believe anybody thinks this is a serious cartoon. First of all, this is obviously not anti-global warming. The living booger over here seems to be a parody of those who don't believe, not a representation.... Which brings me to my next point. This is not a cartoon trying to save the world, either. Think of it as The Colbert Report-- Colbert says one thing in-character, and means another, but despite the fake activism, it's just for fun. Get a life, people.
  • samthejokerman (28/01/2008)
    man, the sing has completely MASTERED the art of gibberish... this is absolutely PERFECT! (and a Buk Buk Boo to you too!)
  • samthejokerman (28/01/2008)
    oh, and, the word print: at dinner PART with my friends... i am making a huge assumption that that was party? (just pointing that out! :D)
  • (06/03/2008)
    awesomely insane!
  • ika (24/10/2008)
    Well, as far as I am concerned, and I am, things like global warmings or coldings or freezings were happening on the earth many times, from time to time, BEFORE the presence of man. So of course, we believe in global warming, becouse it is true, and we don't believe in "global warming stuff" like John not smoking can save the polar bear. Because he most probably can't. Different thing is he shoudn't smoke, becouse it stinks. But when we believe in global warming, all we think about is global warming and there's no point. So sing with Mr.Pipik! (I am proud that Pipik is my parody, according to Schlondak:) greetings my friend:) Love ya Mr. Pipik!
  • moyno85 (30/01/2009)
    Why did you guys delete Gary's comment? You think being such "creatives" you would be able to handle a little criticism. Guess not.
  • auntyrae (03/02/2009)
    we don't like anyone who doesn't think we are the most creative force ever in the universe. also we were beaten as kids and can't take any more criticism. oh and he used the word 'cunt'.
  • gary (06/02/2009)
    No I didn't. Besides, those who have to say how creative they are, probably aren't. Plus, when they're not in control they're just plain out of control. Go on, be creative and leave my comments this time.
  • mighty-behemoth (05/05/2009)
  • katezila (29/05/2009)
    I remember months ago stumbling across this from following a Cartoon Brew link, and then imagine my surprise when I saw this at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International! I love this peice, huge congrats on your win! <3
  • auntyrae (31/05/2009)
    ha! thanks for that. we didn't even know we were finalists. did we win any cash? we need some food for the winter.
    funny shit.
  • scottishdave (26/08/2009)
    i think this may be the best thing i have ever seen. i particularly enjoy reading the furious fanatics' comments, their wee heads exploding with rage!! arghhhh!! so ANGRY!!
  • phillipatemycat! (08/03/2010)
    OMG this is so funny i love how it is so catchy but same time can make no sense. BOO!
  • undertoon (29/04/2010)
    awsome cartoon. . . so funny and fantastic!!
  • nr1213 (06/10/2012)
    oh no i thought it said '1 is the shit' like 1 is the best! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I failed. this video is awesome!