this is mr. Twister. mr. Twister lives in that special place between pancreatic cramps and the small space behind the washing machine.


  • Franko (17/03/2008)
    I'm loving Mr. Twister, in an animation way, not a bed bouncy way. Such deft handling of a potential marital catastrophe and a with blunderbus, the persuader of choice for such imbroglios (imbroglii?). That hollow beat, you had me with the engine pistons, ooo man (not Oomen = different thing), the tension built like a belly full of prison boiled eggs. A fine parable that politicians should heed about transparency. My heart beetroot synchronised a-boom-ba-dee-boom! [Speakinsh of roots; The Russian black radish being particularly endowed in medicinal benefits].
  • dogstrangler (17/03/2008)
    Another feather added to the arrow of the creators . Great work depicting a multitude of '' human'' frailties . A complex work that one could concede that the saying that ''beauty and/or evil is in the eye of the beholder '' conveys a true meaning to the mind of the average bored psychopath . The rhythm of life blends exceedingly well with the arrhythmia of Mr. Twisters existence and I wondered for an instant if , in fact , did Mr. Twister go to the wrong house ? Anyway , I feel sorry for him !
  • Daniel (17/03/2008)
    Run with the ball Damon
  • anthony lieberman (17/03/2008)
    Lucky he had his toothbrush
  • danm (17/03/2008)
    Like wow. And here i was thinking I was twisted!
  • Schlondak (18/03/2008)
    Methinks this may unseat King Pipik from Highest Rated...