just a little bit of biscuit and dried fruits


  • Martin Smith (02/11/2008)
    Has Mr. Pipik gone over to the red side? Will there be a big, one year celebration next week? We could all meet at the sushi bar in the bottom of the Myer Centre. Except I won't be there. I live in Norway now. But... Still... I don't believe in global warming, come and sing with me.
  • Franko (02/11/2008)
    I hope he was helping the yogurt pants sheep. I would suggest that if you have a pie in your ear that should only eat your leg once you make it to the top.
  • Franko (02/11/2008)
    Hey, I saw Mr. Pipik at the Brisbane Internation Animation Festival last week. So he obviously hasn't gone red. He still gets a cheer where ever he goes. Or is that a chair?
  • Franko (02/11/2008)
    If we took all the subheaded by-lines under the FEST film titles into one story, it would make an interesting script. They suggest that the animators at bigfish are under-nourished (lots of food references) and ... [hey! who deleted the bit about them being over- [ hey! someone did it again]] Dang sheep, yogurt, nuts and beans.
  • freelens (03/11/2008)
    I have a tent like that each morning!
  • Schlondak (03/11/2008)
    Ooh, we're so close to a year... New Mr. Pipik, please?
  • dogstrangler (03/11/2008)
    I am speechless . But it 's because I have a gobfull of nuts , rice , chockies , kim chee and dags . Up the ruling classes ! Simple Simon met a pie man but more importantly what was in the pie ? Ask Frankie G . Good effort , Sheldon , Miss Beattie will be pleased .
  • simonlangfordely (04/11/2008)
    I'm not sure if you have a particular niche market of simons but it certainly gained my initial attention. I have to say though that you lost me with all that inspirational mumbo jumbo 'you can do it' crap. still you won me back with eating ones own leg. but lost me again when it all ended.
  • Sqwert (28/01/2009)
    Nietszche couldn't have said it better. Sheep metaphor. Received and understood. Inspiring stuff.