we reach for the warmth of the sun


  • samthejokerman (26/05/2008)
    ahhhh, the fish like the wemon of the amazon, he must EAT it every day and run with yogurt to la la la la la la la... la la... la... hee hee... hee... la hee la la... yeeeeeeesss...
  • dogstrangler (26/05/2008)
    Ahhh ! This episode brings back the old well known riddle we used to ask our male peers , '' What is saltier , herring or knish ? The oft offered answer was '' I DONT KNOW , I DONT EAT HERRING !!!!! "" The gynaecologists have never solved the problem !!
  • freelens (26/05/2008)
    I just had sushi
  • JeffBentTentCleft (26/05/2008)
    Knish. Do your bit! Everyone, do your bit!
  • simonlangfordely (02/06/2008)
    i like roses too
  • Franko (26/01/2010)
    You know when people do that symbol writing with a back arrow and the number 3? Well, I just worked out that it means a heart, like in "I hate NY". For all this time I thought it was a scrotum laying on itside in a pointy hat. I <3 Phillip.