The smaller children could hang from her earlobe...


  • elahnz (20/01/2008)
    I have no fucking idea what's going on here. Please remove me from your email list. (weeps with regret)
  • dogstrangler (20/01/2008)
    IT'S UNCLE BEN FOR YOU MATE . notwithstanding the subliminal effects on the subconsious , this episode stirs the feelings of effite aristocracy concurrent with the arousal of deep feelings in the musculature of the colorectal area . You are no doubt oblivious to the fact that the earlobe is a sacred piece of human anatomy and must be treated with the utmost respect . Plugbindi must seek repentance by attending the local Global-Lobal tea rooms and receive the annointing of the high priest ..Father Lobbus .
  • JeffBentTentCleft (21/01/2008)
    It was supposed to be a little game in the wardrobe... you show me yours and I'll show you mine - but there were loaded weapons under that bed man!
  • Franko (21/01/2008)
    I get here as early as I can on a Monday but there already has been people here using naughty words. They must be insomniacs or closer to the international date line. This is one of the lengthiest and most dramatic doodles I have ever encountered. And earlobes too, on further cogitation. Now I'm wondering: How did that young child sever that arm? Ah, the romance, the snake lost his head over his infatuation. Plugbindy is definitely a better word but is it grammatically correct?.
  • Schlondak (21/01/2008)
    I remember the days of yore, when my grandmother's earlobe was long. Now, all the kids with their Xbox and the Halo 3, they don't know the value of an elderly lady's earlobe.
  • freelens (22/01/2008)
    This film clearly demonstrates the power that church wants us not to experience directly, but through their emissaries. Now, is that this fest is trying to establish a new church? Church of Bigfish? Well Bigfish, dangerous waters you are swimming in. Good luck and may God bless you and accommodate you in your way!
  • anthony lieberman (18/02/2008)
    Hello Deane
  • Daniel (12/03/2008)
    Thelma Melkman eats chairs
  • moyno85 (04/07/2008)
    yuck you know that clogging sensation you get in the oesophegus coupled with an acrid taste you get when you spend 3 hours on youtube in the morning instead of eating breafast? this is the visual representation of that...