deep in the jungles of shaka, there are men who sing with unadulterated glee


  • dogstrangler (28/04/2008)
    the DOGSTRANGLER is back and rearing his ugly head again . This shaka of an offering although the background is borrowed , takes me back almost to my early days of when i was working as a chicken sexer in Uganda . BUM BUM BIDDLE BUM BIG DADDY !!!! Good rhythm and the clever use of tap paradiddle flam triplets coupled with the use of the quaint dialogue of the almost extinct Farkarwee tribe [ i say almost extinct , because of their use of their Tom Toms ] has made this Fest a unique episode in this , continuing to elvolve , genre . Aufwiedergeschnitzel !!!!
  • freelens (28/04/2008)
    I love this fest, feels like home.
  • Franko (28/04/2008)
    Methinx that we have just witnessed an evolutionary step in Fest with the photomontage background. The music, she is still catchy like the plague. Nice work.
  • simonlangfordely (28/04/2008)
    Wow... it's like Brixton but leafy and jubilant and green.
  • JeffBentTentCleft (28/04/2008)
    Dear Dolly, I have a box in my cubby house. It's full of stinky chickens. What should I do? Tinea
  • Schlondak (29/04/2008)
    Probably my third least favorite so far. I appreciate the amount of effort, and the music is memorable, but I just wish it was... funny.
  • Daniel (13/05/2008)
    Reminds me of a Dutch woman I once knew. And I plodded it in.
  • bahenifer (16/06/2008)
    love the belly bounce
  • kero__kero (14/10/2009)
    hahaha! ahhh i dont care what they say, i lvoe this one. i love the dance the blue singlet guy has going, and his lil head bop