Has a bedtime story ever been this warming... this milky?


  • freelens (13/04/2008)
    I just love this film.
  • anthony lieberman (13/04/2008)
  • dogstrangler (13/04/2008)
    a large dose of Melleril would be advised for this character and the dog should be euthansed before he rapes the old guy . Actually , Mr Twister should be called in and put them all out of their misery !
  • mix (14/04/2008)
    OMG, the same thing happened to me. This explains a lot. Thanks Bigfish!
  • simonlangfordely (14/04/2008)
    wow, it almost feels like a real short film with titles and breasts and monologue and stuff. perhaps if tropfest had a theme of "coloured bubbles in bottom right hand of screen" you could enter it? there's always next year i spose. well done.
  • Schlondak (14/04/2008)
    I'm not sure about the milk or the shiny slacks, but that cake is a DAMN LIE!