The follow up to ducks. Never has romance sounded like this. Pour a scotch, lay back and allow yourself to be transported to a new level of endility.


  • dogstrangler (03/03/2008)
    ahhhhh !!!!!!! I can see that more romance is creeping in to Fest . Good God man ! I can see pornography raising it's ugly head and oozing into the pure and wonderous messages that are promulgated through the images of Fest . OOOHHHH ! cum the day !!!!
  • Schlondak (03/03/2008)
    Where's the bee... small ducks?
  • Daniel (04/03/2008)
    It's a very forgiving dish.
  • freelens (05/03/2008)
    If only mrs. Nussbaum was here to see this. Oh, lord would she cry.
  • anthony lieberman (05/03/2008)
    I'm going to see toto tonight
  • danm (05/03/2008)
    This takes me back to the time I drank peyote and arrived upon a wedding party in a small mexican village a stumbling, mumbling mess. Which reminds me - It's little Julios birthday next week. Thanks Fest. What would we do with out you?
  • pokeystix (20/04/2008)
    Cute. I like it.