A warm, moist welcome to the first episode of 'bedtime stories'...


  • Schlondak (11/02/2008)
    Ricotta? In a tube?! You just lost my suspense of disbelief.
  • kastile (11/02/2008)
    one can't help but detest this sickly pathetic little man but I sense that his bedtime stories are anything but !
  • Daniel (11/02/2008)
    wank the flap
  • Franko (12/02/2008)
    This is the result of unfettered excitement about pickles. Everyone's social conscience should be raised after viewing the film and the Government should apologise for the lack of pickle censorship in this country. The background looks like the fake mahogany 1970's vinyl wall covering I have in my studio behind the bamboo bar. That made me feel at ease with the conflict of the caged rabbit. (Daniel requires more English lessons).
  • anthony lieberman (18/02/2008)
    I was sceptical as to the validity of his claim