i wish i didn't have these swellings on my legs


  • Schlondak (08/12/2008)
    The lady's face and neck area look like cock'n'balls.
  • dogstrangler (08/12/2008)
    A genuine case of idiopathic urticarial insanity . This rare disease is only endemic in two areas of the globe , one is in Australia and the other is in Europe. There is no known cure but the victims must be given copious amounts ethyl alcohol daily.
  • Franko (08/12/2008)
    Synchronised clouds and synchopated rhythm. I like the pastel texture colour in the background assets. The singing, for the first time ever, was terrible. Hopefully the demons are expelled. I should not have read Schlondak's comment before viewing.
  • simonlangfordely (15/12/2008)
    the swelling in my leg just got bigger