King Pepe

tell me where you live. tell me where you live.


  • spam (19/05/2008)
    As a rule I do not comment on matters political but I was so offened by this bit. Good work ladies. I'm going back to the potty now. Number two's here I come.
  • Schlondak (19/05/2008)
    I, for one, rather liked it. You win this round, Broccoli!
  • savvyd (19/05/2008)
    Mr Magoo meets the Great Gazzoo and is styled by George Michael. Ferrry funky fucken. Shit, he actually looks like my father and behaves like a me. Me go shop now.
  • freelens (20/05/2008)
    If I could only see this for the first time once again!
  • dogstrangler (20/05/2008)
    King Pepe or King Poopie I know not what ! Its a line ball decision . The kings diction is a bit muffled or do my hearing aids need new batteries . Great story line like my brain which goes round in circles finally disappearing up someones arse . The king would be great in an add for suppositaries .
  • Franko (21/07/2008)
    Lemmywinks gone bad
  • Franko (26/12/2008)
    That first bass note is the most resonant and chocolate I have ever heard in any piece of music. The story became a bit stilted and constipated.