mr.Twister 2

Mr Twister returns to resolve his sexuality


  • Martin Smith (29/06/2009)
    Even I can't figure this one out.
  • dogstrangler (29/06/2009)
    Mr T got a bit one eyed about this one . However the removal of an eye may do the same job as a trephine , to let out the evil spirits , from his skull . Mrs T really has a problem now with the evil kids next door and the cornflake eating being [ may be the 3rd party ] held in captivity . I would like a comment from Unc . B . I may give up eating fish eyes now and hang about the bins out back of the Eye Hospital hoping for some orbital contents . Good luck to Mrs T .
  • auntyrae (29/06/2009)
    i think dogstrangler's comments are harder to understand than the episodes. we love you dogstrangler!
  • freelens (29/06/2009)
    I wish I could wash my breast in a plastic bowl like that.
  • mighty-behemoth (14/07/2009)
    I'm with Mrtin Smith on this one,this is harder to understand than the granny in my tumble dryer who setals my socks
  • Franko (06/09/2009)
    The shudder on his external genitalia as he was flying with the children will garner at least an MA rating... is that an award? I'm sure I could discern the vocal talents of Pipik. The boob lather at the start was audio gold and makes her look 10 years younger.