The Spread

why do we look outside ourselves?


  • dogstrangler (29/04/2009)
    CRUMBS ! how horrible a predicament to be in I will stick with schmaltz and Worcestershire sauce on my bread . Who ate the dog's 4th leg ? BRRRYLLIANT CONCEPT .
  • freelens (30/04/2009)
    Intimate insight into two slices of bread secret life. What's behind that bush?
  • mighty-behemoth (04/05/2009)
    I jus had to send this one to a friend sorry Dan but it had to be done :P
  • Schlondak (05/05/2009)
  • katrinahill (10/05/2009)
    So Funny, Great work. LOve the song. Is this one done by Sheldon? If so, Just met your bro Anthony today in mary st gallery sitting for your other brother photography exhibition. Looks good. : ) Kat