Phillip's Day Out

love is all you need...


  • Daniel (24/12/2007)
    Plenty of time for a biscuit.
  • freelens (24/12/2007)
    If I was in that car I would have done the same thing as the driver. I just don't understand why is that man wearing women's clothes.
  • dogstrangler (24/12/2007)
    from a carers perspective , this episode reflects societies attempt to assist in the management of the physically and mentally handicapped . All aspects are covered i.e. tradgedy , love and best of all , humour . A good FEST to really think about . What the hell is the mother carrying ?
  • Schlondak (24/12/2007)
    Philip never kisses me when we go out for ice cream...
  • mix (24/12/2007)
    I'm not sure who is creepier, Phillip or the main guy. how'd ya get peter lorre to do the voice?
  • simonlangfordely (24/12/2007)
    Philip is special. Rainbows are gay.
  • Franko (24/12/2007)
    There is no Mrs. Trendescene in the phone book. This makes me suspicious. And that car was on the wrong side of the road. Phillip's dialogue delivery is masterfull. Even Brittany Spears at her slimmest couldn't sustain a D flat like that without a gasp or a gulp. Icecream for everyone!