we recommend you watch this at least 3 times in a row, then eat silken tofu


  • dogstrangler (23/06/2008)
    YING TONG IDDLE I PO !!!! You have struck a nerve this time . Great anmation and music for the type of programme and in context . I am going to have a silken tofu sandwich for lunch followed by a huge bowl of chocolate prok belly !
  • ifunk (23/06/2008)
    The sole remaining Japanese bone in my body just had a seizure.
  • savvyd (23/06/2008)
    I rub dis one. Did you know that lemon in Japanese is remono?
  • simonlangfordely (23/06/2008)
    conjures images of Mad Madge Madonna in her 80's making yet another revival, alas, only on the tokyo brothel scene, but, a comeback all the same...
  • Schlondak (24/06/2008)
    Wow. The audio wuality was a bit off but it was damn funny.
  • freelens (25/06/2008)
    This like coffee but better.
  • jedism (27/06/2008)
    hark... t'was rubbly
  • bollocky (30/06/2008)
    good shit.. keep it up!! :)
  • Daniel (07/07/2008)
    I feel better about myself already.