they were dead but now they're back!


  • bahenifer (16/06/2008)
    great!!! but when did the igauna and his friends die?
  • bahenifer (16/06/2008)
    WOOT! first and second comment. oh, and the guy's fingers dont move over the keysa of the accordion but he plays more than 2 notes.... i play accordion and know thats not how it works...
  • bahenifer (16/06/2008)
    why the hell does that horse have 3 ears?
  • freelens (16/06/2008)
    Horses grow their 3rd ear after they master playing such a complicated instrument as this horse did. Marmoot and his friends died in an episode 6 as it appears in the New Cinema review from December of 1982. All the questions anyone could have about the Fest can find their answers in the early eighties.
  • dogstrangler (16/06/2008)
    As a dogstrangler supreme I may be forced to turn my expertise to Marmoot if he keeps going in his present dirge like offerings . If the lizard does not upgrade his music to a different genre e.g R&B or jazz , Coltrane,Miles Davis etc , soon , the coffin lids will jam shut . Take heed because even a super size can of WD40 wont work ! The horse will grow another ear .
  • Andree (16/06/2008)
    toe tapping fun from far beyond...
  • Daniel (16/06/2008)
  • bahenifer (17/06/2008)
    what does marmoot mean anyway? and what language are the marmoot songs in? i thought it was german but when i looked up "german to english" on babelfish, nothing came up.
  • spam (17/06/2008)
    By the Holy Garments that St Josephus used to wipe his bottom on, I am impressed. So that is how you make babies. And all this time I was doing WHAT. AND WITH A LADY. I'll correct that behaviour as of this moment.
  • Schlondak (24/06/2008)
    You can't kill the Marmoot! The Marmoot will live on! Punk-Rock tried to kill the Marmoot... But they failed, as they were smite to the ground! New Wave tried to kill the Marmoot! But they failed, as they were stricken down to the ground! Grunge tried to kill the Marmoot. Hahahahahaha! They failed, as they were thrown to the ground! Aaaaah, yeah! Aaaaaaaah, yeah! No-one can destroy the Marmoot, The Marmoot will strike you down with a vicious blow! We are the vanquished foes of the Marmoot, We tried to win for why we do not know! New-wave tried to destroy the Marmoot, but the Marmoot had its way! Grunge then tried to dethrone the Marmoot, but Marmoot was in the way! Punk-rock tried to destroy the Marmoot, but Marmoot was much too strong! Techno tried to defile the Marmoot, but techno was proven wrong! Yeah! Marmoot! He comes from hell!
  • dogbloos (13/07/2008)
    can someone please tell me where i can find episodes: 2 and 5-6 of marmoot??
  • homer1 (30/11/2009)
    can someone please tell me where i can find episodes: 2 and 5-6 and 8 of marmoot???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/