Shanti Shanti

don't judge a man until you've layed eggs in his mocassins


  • spam (07/07/2008)
    I saw this movie last week at a Bollywood festival. It made much more sence this time around. I can now understand the rich culture and intricate philosophical points this clasic from India has to offer. I nod my head like a little doll to your good work.
  • Franko (07/07/2008)
    Sometimes things are a bit too silly. My Bollywood bangles feel bruised.
  • Franko (07/07/2008)
    Where's Phillip? He would have made some sense of the dancing elephant (which looks like an African elephant, by the way). Bring back Phillip! 22 weks is too large a HIATUS! Do Hiatians populate a hiatus? Phillip would know. PHILLIIIIP!
  • Schlondak (07/07/2008)
  • auntyrae (07/07/2008)
    don't fear franko. phillip is coming very soon. philliiiiiiiiip!!
  • Daniel (07/07/2008)
    Birdie's num nums