Phillip-Muesli Cookies

phillip eats muesli cookies. what else can we say?


  • Daniel (14/07/2008)
    First in, best dressed. Don't drop Grog's Lasagne on the ground.
  • ifunk (14/07/2008)
    The decor unnerves me. Everything else seems pretty normal.
  • dogstrangler (14/07/2008)
    The art of projectile vomting thankfully is not dead . Phillip has gone all out to set a new standard in the quality and distance of the propelled vomitus and it may start an avalanche of new and innovative ideas on the gastric contents e.g partially digested chicken feet , no-hands mango , lung in garlic black bean sauce , fermented pork belly in sputum , etc etc . I think I will go and have a nice cookie washed down wuth a mug of dog's vomit .
  • Franko (14/07/2008)
    Ahh Phillip. That animation is just baked on goodness! It confirms what we learnt at a recent animators' work place safety and first aid course, "The way to survive in the dessert is to bake oneself into a crust of vomitus"
  • Lester (14/07/2008)
    It's the CUNT art that makes it.
  • Franko (14/07/2008)
    He was a philosopher. Not much of a painter.
  • Schlondak (25/07/2008)
    I think Philip was commiting suicide.
  • mighty-behemoth (30/10/2008)
    That was sooooo rong on so many levels. Still funny though, cunt artwork was a nice touch :-D
  • Sqwert (28/01/2009)
    I think the background will produce a moire effect if this ever makes it to the big screen. Oh yeah - and it says "cunt".