breathe with your heart and find a little worm


  • dogstrangler (21/07/2008)
    I am a bit like the ignorant Spaniard , Ima Phouctifino , with this one . My severely challenged auditory apparatus even assisted by hearing aids cannot decipher the words of this ditty . But does this matter ? The aquatic apartheid is a bit suspect but the deep hidden meaning to this offering remains squelching around in my grey matter awaiting the spark of high octaine vodka .
  • Franko (21/07/2008)
    I liked this one a lot. Excellent music (My compliments to Phillip). It reminds me of Paris but I did not experience the penal system, so my comments are constrained by that lack. I feel sorry the hero has been attacked by a massive gerkin. But he carries it well. Well done Fest. Put this film in the 'Best Of' collection.
  • simonlangfordely (21/07/2008)
    Hairy Goiter... A word of warning for those contemplating the sole in one of those tourist trap Parisian bistro shit hole's.
  • Schlondak (25/07/2008)
    Wait... Whut?
  • freelens (26/07/2008)
    I don't think there's a film like this on a whole planet.
  • katezila (29/05/2009)
    I think stylistically this is my favorite Fest piece. It doesn't even really look like flash with all the great texture use.