breathe... breathe...


  • Franko (12/10/2008)
    I do believe he was pointing at that crab. The wanker bankers on Wall St who lent all the money to bogans for McManshins, big cars and plasma screens can't take away my breathing. But Yogikudu took my breath away (accompanied by a mandolin)... I think Marmoot had a fin in this.
  • freelens (12/10/2008)
    So wild and untamed, like my childhood days in Tijuana jails and hotel rooms.
  • Schlondak (13/10/2008)
  • dogstrangler (13/10/2008)
    cheaper than viagra !! I will visit my podiatrist today to get my feet cleaned . I can't help but wonder what touching the other interdigital clefts will produce . There is a future for Yogi Kudu . Also this could a new method of preventing a crab infestation . Does the Yogi know what time is high tide ? ........
  • elahnz (20/10/2008)
    Please refrain from using my likeness without my permission.
  • Andree (26/10/2008)
    always knew there was a way, now all he has to do is relax enough to lower his head a little........Noni