daniel pines in sweet sincerity


  • dogstrangler (02/06/2008)
    A new age sensitive desferatu has emerged from the grave at long last ! Welcome to the blood bank , Daniel . I will make sure you get an invite to the next BRIS [[circumcision ]
  • Schlondak (02/06/2008)
    Eh, it was alright. Not quite as catchy as usual.
  • spam (02/06/2008)
    Yes Daniel, this is so so you. Yes sir, if you are a Daniel then the jig is up. Its time for the wodden stick in the chest for all you damn Daniels out there. Die Daniels die. Spam
  • simonlangfordely (02/06/2008)
    Marsden, Baebler, Moses or Johns?
  • freelens (05/06/2008)
    I have a toe that's bleeding for months. Maybe Daniel would like to suck on it.
  • Daniel (09/06/2008)
    I'm currently creating an animation about a boy who has the same name as a caravan park and prepares his fringe by wearing a shoelace on his head immediately after a shower. It is called "Piss in the ring".
  • mighty-behemoth (30/10/2008)
    dude my name is Daniel... THATS REALLY NOT FAIR!! LOL