Satin Gold

she wore a small frock and she lay on the side of a camel


  • Daniel (09/06/2008)
    I got up to watch the Euro and was greeted by the chest. Not enough hormones.
  • Schlondak (09/06/2008)
    I don't know why, but this is my new favorite Fest cartoon ever. Good production values, catchy, and still constant with the weird-ass humor. Congrats on 3/5 of a year, guys!
  • dogstrangler (09/06/2008)
    The baritone sounds very nautical and is very seasck . My brain is awash with all sorts of comments but suffice say '' my sanity must be preserved at all times '' so I will ponder more and find something stronger than a Camel to suck on .
  • Kat (10/06/2008)
    this is really hitting something for me - i don't know what exactly but all i can say is I was entranced and found myself revisiting it numerous times at odd hours. i like the way her gold dress slides from her luminescent body.
  • danm (12/06/2008)
    Shortly after watching this I went down to the docks and got drunk with some scandinavian nick cave loving sailors. Then I shagged a mermaid. At least he said he was a mermaid. Thankyou fest. x