it's definitely time for parties!


  • Martin Smith (14/04/2009)
    Now that's something!
  • dogstrangler (14/04/2009)
    I have witnessed many bizarre parties in my time but this one adds a new dimension in activities viz. the evacuation of the purulent contents of the host's sebaceous cysts . This would be more therapeutic than the sexual activities alluded to , and more than likely , cleaner ! Well done BF .
  • Schlondak (15/04/2009)
    I'll feel your mom's cysts.
  • Franko (15/04/2009)
    Didn't anyone invite Phillip?
  • Franko (15/04/2009)
    desist I encyst
  • freelens (15/04/2009)
    I think there was Oprah behind the billiards table. And what's with fest and billiards?
  • auntyrae (16/04/2009)
    what a joy to see dogstrangler, schlondak and franko together again.